What problems does Clinicoin solve?

Engagement Challenges: Keeping people engaged is one of the costliest challenges in healthcare and research today, resulting in increased hospitalizations, health risks, and contributes to over $428 Billion in healthcare costs each year.

Chronic Illnesses: The World Health Organization estimates that 75% of deaths by 2020 will be due to chronic diseases, many of which can be prevented. Modifiable behavioral risk factors, such as low activity levels, poor diet, smoking, and the misuse of alcohol contribute to chronic disease. The good news is, these can be changed with a healthy lifestyle choices to enable people live longer, more vibrant lives. Clinicoin was created to make health and wellness fun for people all over the world.

Mobile Health App Overload: Many technology providers are attempting to solve engagement challenges and there is user interest, but this has created a new problem: MOBILE HEALTH APP OVERLOAD. Mobile apps are costly to build and manage ($50k-$250k), created for an audience increasingly overwhelmed by choices. Clinicoin is a mobile platform making integration easy for developers and providers, providing them with a secure way to communicate with users, while earning rewards themselves by being Proof of Engagement (PoE) Validators.