How does the Clinicoin Platform work?

The Clinicoin platform enables users, providers, and developers to interact securely in an engagement-driven rewards ecosystem. It is made up of four core functions that tie into the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol enables developers to create apps (“ClinApps”) to include third party system interfaces inside the Clinicoin app container.

There are two ways Clinicoin’s Proof of Engagement (PoE) system works:

Health App Developers Developers connect their health applications to the Clinicoin Platform. As PoE Validators, they confirm healthy activities of members who are awarded CLIN tokens from the community rewards pool. Validators also earn tokens for operating these network modes, while increasing the stickiness of their apps.

IRL Validators IRL Validators can be an exercise class instructor, personal trainer, team coach, or manager of any health or wellness group activity (like a running club or meditation group). Using Clinicoin, they create an Activity Event which generates a QR code on their smartphone. Everyone who participated in the activity scans the code with their phones to get credit for the healthy activity to earn CLIN tokens. The IRL Validator earns CLIN tokens as well.