What can I get with my Clinicoin tokens?

Clinicoin (CLIN) tokens provide you with access to the platform, ClinApps, products, and services in the marketplace. These include reminders, digital health tools, branded products, gift codes to wellness brands, etc. We have a host of services live now and will be adding more soon.

Enterprise Services
Your company or organization can use them for access to software licenses and services, or purchase them to distribute to users for taking part in healthy activities, using them as incentives and rewards. The platform contains a suite of modules to help improve patient engagement, retention, and adherence, including services like Appointment Reminders, Medication Alerts, Surveys for data collection, and automated communications to keep patients and study participants engaged. 
The Clinicoin Marketplace contains healthy products, services, digital tools, and access to premium content areas on the platform. The offerings in the marketplace will grow as more health and wellness partners are added and the Clinicoin platform will move towards decentralization so that third party vendors can create their own marketplaces by connecting nodes to the platform.

The marketplace will start out run by the Clinicoin team and you will be able to use them the same day they are distributed to you after the token sale. Our plan is to make it decentralized so other health and wellness organizations and services can be available to you. We feel this brings the most value to the project.

If you are a health and wellness company selling products, services, or applications and would like to be included in the marketplace, please contact support (click Contact Us in the upper right). Someone will route you in the proper direction.