Can I use my CLIN tokens now to get things in the Clinicoin marketplace?

Absolutely! We'll be creating the smart contracts for the actual CLIN tokens, but in your account now, you'll see a total amount in your dashboard, which are credits for the CLIN tokens once they are ready. That said, you are able to use those CLIN credits that you earned, were given, or purchased in the marketplace right now. 

To use them, simply log in to your account, click on Marketplace in the upper right and you'll be taken to the marketplace. Choose an item you click, then click "Get It" and follow the instructions. 

In the coming weeks and months we'll be working with more vendors/partners to offer more in the marketplace and our ultimate goal is to create a decentralized marketplace to open up the utility and usefulness of the token to as many vendors, products, and services as we can.