FAQ - Buying Tokens

Information about buying CLIN tokens during the token sale
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How do I buy CLIN tokens? How long does it take?

Register, log into the account and take care of your KYC Verification. After you do that you’ll see a Buy CLIN Tokens section. If you’re buying with BTC, ETH, LTC, or XRP: Choose which currency you’re going to pay in, then click the Get Address for Purchase button. It’ll give you an address wher...

Where do I buy cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple)?

There are so many ways to buy various cryptocurrencies, but each of the providers at the time of our Token Sale may not be taking on new customers due to being overwhelmed. If you’re at this stage in the game and are unsure of how to buy cryptocurrencies, we recommend using our USD option via Wire...

How do I make a wire transfer in USD? Credit card?

If you’re buying with USD: We are only accepting Wire Transfers (no longer Credit Cards). Go to the Buy CLIN Tokens section, choose USD and then after clicking the big purple button, you’ll receive the option of paying via Wire Transfer. Wire Transfer: Follow the exact instructions on the invoi...

How do I create an ETH wallet?

Go to MyEtherWallet.com to get set up, then follow their instructions here

What are the minimum and maximum purchases?

We want Clinicoin to be inclusive, so there is no minimum purchase. The maximum purchase is 2.5% of the tokens offered in the sale.

I already bought tokens but now I changed my mind. Can I get my money back?

As stated in our terms agreement, all sales are final.

How do the bonuses during the token sale work?

If you purchase on the following days, you receive a bonus amount for those days. Days 1-4: 50% Bonus ($.02 each) Days 5-7: 35% Bonus Week 2: 25% Bonus Week 3: 20% Bonus Week 4: 10% Bonus Example: If you were to buy $2,000 worth on Days 1-4, you would get a 50% bonus. $2,0...

What is the minimum purchase amount in BTC/ETH/LTC/XRP/USD?

There is no minimum purchase.

Is there a KYC / AML requirement?

Yes, we follow all KYC and AML laws. If you do not verify your KYC documentation, we’re sorry, but you will not be able to participate.

Is there a maximum purchase?

To avoid “token hoarding”, buyers are limited to 2.5% of the total amount in the sale.

What is the Children’s Health Fund?

When the hard cap is met, it will unlock up to 200,000,000 additional CLIN, which will be for sale at $.03 each. Every dollar during this sale will be donated to global children’s health charities, voted upon via smart contract by token sale participants after its completion. Children’s Health ...