How do I buy CLIN tokens? How long does it take?

Register, log into the account and take care of your KYC Verification. After you do that you’ll see a Buy CLIN Tokens section.

If you’re buying with BTC, ETH, LTC, or XRP:
Choose which currency you’re going to pay in, then click the Get Address for Purchase button. It’ll give you an address where to send your cryptocurrency. NOTE: DO NOT send cryptocurrency from exchanges, it will be lost. Only use a wallet.

If you’re buying with USD:
You have one option: Wire Transfer (we are no longer accepting credit cards). Go to the Buy CLIN Tokens section, choose USD and then after clicking the big purple button, you’ll receive the option of paying via Wire Transfer.

Wire Transfer:
Follow the exact instructions on the invoice you receive. The personal information (person) sending the Wire Transfer must match and be the same as the details in your KYC Verification. If they do not match you risk an unsuccessful purchase. Buyers are responsible for any wire transfer fees.