What is the Children’s Health Fund?

When the hard cap is met, it will unlock up to 200,000,000 additional CLIN, which will be for sale at $.03 each. Every dollar during this sale will be donated to global children’s health charities, voted upon via smart contract by token sale participants after its completion.

Children’s Health Fund CLIN Bonus: The total amount of CLIN purchased during the Children’s Health Fund sale will be matched and re-distributed to all token sale participants as bonuses. So, if 200M CLIN are sold during the Children’s Health Fund, another 200M CLIN will be distributed back to all token sale participants as a bonus.

Example: If you buy 100,000 CLIN and the CHF sells 200M CLIN: You receive about a 14.6% bonus, or 14,600 additional CLIN.