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[VIDEO] Events Training

Events Training video walkthrough to get you set up quickly. Worth the watch!

[VIDEO] Setting Up TextChat (TFI, Responders, Answer Templates)

A how to video guide on etting Up TextChat for your account (TFI, Responders, Answer Templates).

[VIDEO] TextChat Part 2: Your Microboard Settings and How People Text You

How to update your microboard (system) settings and instructions on how people text you.

[VIDEO] Responding to Mobile Users with Two-Way TextChat Text Messaging

A video on how you receive and respond to your audience when they text you and would like a response back. This is for clients using Mosio Q&A for two-way, interactive text messaging with their users.

[VIDEO] QuickSend: Send a One-Time Message to a Single User

Need to send a quick text to one of your users to initiate a TextChat conversation? This video shows you how.

[VIDEO] Text Message Alerts, Reminders and Announcements

Setting up Alerts so you can send messages to your group of subscribers who opt in to receive messages from you.

[VIDEO] Text to Screen Setup for Events

If you're looking to set up Text to Screen for your event, this 3 minute video will get you started in no time!  

VIDEO GUIDE: Creating a Text Message Survey

See how simple it is to create a text message survey with Mosio Q&A, including how to tell your users to start one.

VIDEO GUIDE: Setting up Text Message Alerts

This video shows you how to get your users to opt in to receive text message alerts from you. It also shows you how to schedule them in real-time or at a future day/time.